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This site was constructed using a text editor (NoteTab Pro, a fine product), and the Eclipse/phpeclipse IDE (a fabulous product!). I designed it to be standards compliant, load efficiently and to be compatible with most browsers. It should work with any version 5.0 or later browsers, although it should degrade reasonably gracefully with older browsers.

The site complies with HTML version 4.01 Strict (and has been validated as such) and incorporates Dublin Core metadata.

Because I followed standards in constructing this site, font sizes will scale according to the user's needs, and all pages are printer-friendly.

The site can be easily viewed at 800X600 or better resolution. It requires JavaScript enabled and CSS support.

The site uses CSS2 stylesheets and a small amount of JavaScript to present menus and one gimmicky mechanism to display some text on the consulting/contracting pages (I couldn't resist Wink! ).

And what is that rock doing at the top of each page? This was a photo I took upwards while bushwalking ("hiking" for North Americans) in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. It reminds me of the sublime beauty and elegance of nature, and represents strength, solidity, and soaring, all qualities March 4th Software reflects.

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